Mar. 21st, 2010

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I have myself, [personal profile] thingswithwings, and legojen to blame for this.

First, I would like to explain. See, once upon a time, at Yuletide 2008, I ran into a truly hilarious piece of fanfiction. It's safe for all audiences, and reads like an actual episode of the show. Next on Mythbusters: Can Luggage Move Itself? This, my friends, was a gateway drug. Before you know it, I had read Normal Working Relationship (not safe for all audiences, particularly not Adam and Jamie if they should cruise by here) and watched the fanvid by [personal profile] thingswithwings that combined Mythbusters and Pansy Division's "James Bondage" in one enticing package.

Clips from the Mythbusters show, illustrating various moments where Adam is hit, tied up, duct taped, painted gold, and other suggestive things, well-aligned to the chosen lyrics.

That song has been in my head. It has been in my head for days. (And here's a YouTube, with just the song, without any Mythbusting. )

And then legojen has been getting into modern pop music, and she provided pointers to some songs. I like Lady Gaga. I like her a lot. I first encountered her in the comfortable midmorning sunny hours where everyone diurnal is thinking that perhaps it's about time for a coffee break, and everyone on nightshift is thinking that it's about time to get the fuck to bed, singing this cheerful upbeat song about getting blind drunk in a club. I don't go to clubs. I've never been drunk enough to puke or pass out, only drunk enough to know I shouldn't drive and to lose all skill at typing. And I loved this fucking song. I recognize the thing where you just want to lose yourself dancing, and yet there are these hilarious details about exactly how drunk she is. And I thought she was yet another pop princess.

Then there was the Star Trek poker face fanvid.

Kirk and Spock from the Star Trek 2009 movie interacting; I would like to especially note the moment where Spock is strangling Kirk at the "if it's not rough then it's not fun" lyric.

Then I saw the Poker face live at BBC Radio 1 video, and that established to me that Lady Gaga is not just a pop princess pretty face and passable singing voice who has been carefully trained like any athlete to perform with a record company glitter machine behind her, she is an entertainer in her own right and with her own style and power. I was charmed.

And then legojen linked to Bad Romance, and I played it last night when the desktop was on and functioning, and it's now stuck in my head too:


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