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I wound up with the chorus of a song I hadn't heard in quite a while in my head, with no idea what it actually was. I found it in short order, happily, and therefore have this fairly surreal treat of a vid to share.

The Raconteurs "Steady, As She Goes"

From Wikipedia:
The Raconteurs teamed up with Paul Reubens, best known for his work as Pee-Wee Herman. In this video, each band member plays an imaginary speed-racing hero in an old-fashioned soap box race, following the heroes on their cut-throat chase for first place. Reubens plays an unscrupulous pit boss, stooping to low levels to ensure a win for his racer, Jack Lawrence. Lawrence and Reubens (wearing standard melodrama-villain handlebar moustaches) cheat many times throughout the race, to make sure that Lawrence wins. Patrick falls off a cliff, Brendan crashes, and Reubens shoots White ("the Copper Kid") with a blow gun. Lawrence wins.

To this, I add some more details, for those who don't have video capability:
One car is a drum kit. The drummer keeps banging on his car even after he has fallen off the cliff. One car is a tractor. The driver is wheeled away on a stretcher with a kool-aid IV. At the start of the race, everyone is shown playing instruments. White is playing a guitar in his car. Brendan is playing a banjo different guitar. Lawrence is plucking the supports of his car like a bass. At the end of the race, after Lawrence wins, he drinks from a milk jug in slow motion, with milk spraying everywhere.
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