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[personal profile] majoline is hosting a Dreamwidth love meme. Naturally, my head started playing "Love, love, love, I want your love" to me. My head is caught in a bad romance, but Dreamwidth is nothing but good romance to me. ♥
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...if there was, this one would score very, very high. I've only watched the video once, and it's burned into my head and it won't get out! I don't even know if I really like the song - I sort of do, but there are elements of it I don't, as well. And, fair warning - it is not a jaunty, happy tune and some of the pictures/video are disturbing. It's about the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster in the town of Pripyat.

(Ghost Town by Huns and Dr Beeker)

I became interested in the town after reading Wolves Eat Dogs, which was a rather half-hearted mystery but went into a lot of details about the locations around Chernobyl, and was good for that reason.
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This song by Italian singer Angelo Branduardi (sung in French) is something of a psychedelic UFO. The tune is particularly good at coming up uninvited too, if, like me, you're prone to earworm yourself with a stray thought (in which case, I'm sorry).

English version of the lyrics, don't worry if it makes little sense (or none at all), even in French it doesn't. )

I am sorry, really. ( I blame [personal profile] snorkey, he's the one who's shown it to me first, and now I can't escape it.)
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[18:43] <jumpuphigh> sleep well
[18:43] *** jensl has quit IRC: Quit: Leaving.
[18:43] <jumpuphigh> and dream of large women
[18:43] <mathsnerd> hee
[18:43] * jeshyr blinks at jumpuphigh
[18:43] <Azz> oh dear goodness, now I've got yet another song in my head
[18:44] <jumpuphigh> don't share the earworm


Storm Large: "8 Miles Wide", NSFW lyrics
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[11:52:55] * [personal profile] azurelunatic sends a FarmVillain gift to [personal profile] ursamajor
[11:53:14] <[personal profile] ursamajor> oh god farmville *hides*
[11:53:26] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> farm*villain*. :D
[11:53:33] <[personal profile] ursamajor> and dammit [personal profile] azurelunatic, you earwormed me again!
[11:53:37] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> with?

[11:53:50] <[personal profile] ursamajor> the farmville theme! :P
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So [personal profile] dive and I were listening to Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)[1], and (as one does) I looked it up on Wikipedia, only to learn that Peter Gabriel had covered[2] it.

It was spectacularly terrible. So, of course, I looked up said cover on Wikipedia, only to learn that Peter Gabriel had also covered David Bowie - Heroes[3]!

Naturally, we listened to that cover[4], too... and discovered that while Youtube is a marvelous resource for finding music quickly, it is also a marvelous resource for finding ghastly horrors...

No, seriously, we were both traumatized. )

[1] Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)
[2] Peter Gabriel - Street Spirit (strongly nonrecommended)
[3] David Bowie - Heroes
[4] Peter Gabriel - Heroes (I cannot too strongly unrecommend this)

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[22:42] xb95: [mumble mumble] kirk [mumble mumble]
[22:42] rahaeli: heeee
[22:43] Azz: thank you for the earworm. R.E.M. is now playing "Where's Captain Kirk?" in my head.
[22:43] xb95: pleasure to serve
[22:43] rahaeli: oh god damn you azz
[22:44] Azz: do you have it too, or something else?
[22:44] rahaeli: you said REM and now i have "what's the frequency kenneth".
[22:45] Azz: oh dear.
[22:46] Azz: *you* said "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?", and I thought, "And my head obligingly changes station" preparatory to writing it, but THAT THOUGHT ALONE was enough to briefly tune me through "Radio Free Europe" before settling in on "Radio Song".
[22:47] Azz: inside of my head = VERY LOUD broken search engine.
[22:48] rahaeli: heeeee
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I was reading down my reading page peacefully, when my eye was struck by a particularly catchy turn of phrase about the new Sudafed vs. the old (community membership required), and clicked through. In the comments, someone mentioned "not an arms race", and boom, earworm time.

This earworm comes to me via Rock Band, and screaming along with [personal profile] zorkian and household one happy evening.

Fall Out Boy: This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race
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So. 69 Love Songs is an album by The Magnetic Fields which is about what you would expect given the title: irreverent, sarcastic, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes sweet love songs that are a mixture of elegant and slapdash. I have a handful of favorites, but one of the ones that both a)keeps getting stuck in my head (always a requirement for this community) and b)I want to tell the whole wide world about is "When My Boy Walks Down the Street." Upbeat, airy, and just a little fierce love song? Oh, yes please. And did I mention it's [spoiler]? :-P


In which I chatter on like someone who used to want to be an English major )
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I have myself, [personal profile] thingswithwings, and legojen to blame for this.

First, I would like to explain. See, once upon a time, at Yuletide 2008, I ran into a truly hilarious piece of fanfiction. It's safe for all audiences, and reads like an actual episode of the show. Next on Mythbusters: Can Luggage Move Itself? This, my friends, was a gateway drug. Before you know it, I had read Normal Working Relationship (not safe for all audiences, particularly not Adam and Jamie if they should cruise by here) and watched the fanvid by [personal profile] thingswithwings that combined Mythbusters and Pansy Division's "James Bondage" in one enticing package.

Clips from the Mythbusters show, illustrating various moments where Adam is hit, tied up, duct taped, painted gold, and other suggestive things, well-aligned to the chosen lyrics.

That song has been in my head. It has been in my head for days. (And here's a YouTube, with just the song, without any Mythbusting. )

And then legojen has been getting into modern pop music, and she provided pointers to some songs. I like Lady Gaga. I like her a lot. I first encountered her in the comfortable midmorning sunny hours where everyone diurnal is thinking that perhaps it's about time for a coffee break, and everyone on nightshift is thinking that it's about time to get the fuck to bed, singing this cheerful upbeat song about getting blind drunk in a club. I don't go to clubs. I've never been drunk enough to puke or pass out, only drunk enough to know I shouldn't drive and to lose all skill at typing. And I loved this fucking song. I recognize the thing where you just want to lose yourself dancing, and yet there are these hilarious details about exactly how drunk she is. And I thought she was yet another pop princess.

Then there was the Star Trek poker face fanvid.

Kirk and Spock from the Star Trek 2009 movie interacting; I would like to especially note the moment where Spock is strangling Kirk at the "if it's not rough then it's not fun" lyric.

Then I saw the Poker face live at BBC Radio 1 video, and that established to me that Lady Gaga is not just a pop princess pretty face and passable singing voice who has been carefully trained like any athlete to perform with a record company glitter machine behind her, she is an entertainer in her own right and with her own style and power. I was charmed.

And then legojen linked to Bad Romance, and I played it last night when the desktop was on and functioning, and it's now stuck in my head too:
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I took [personal profile] tiferet shopping tonight, as I've a car and she needed heavy-bulky stuff.

On the way to Target, she said "I don't get it" about something or other.

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Inevitably, somewhere in Target, Tif said "Headed down", and off my brain went again. I've never been to Atlanta.

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After getting back home, [personal profile] rynia mentioned the Gorillaz on Twitter. She was listening to new stuff, so she cannot actually be held responsible for this earworm. This song is precious to me, as it was overplayed in 2001 in the cafeteria where I spent so much time with Sis and my dear best friend. With this song, I'm 21 again, newly in love, and finally happy again. My future is coming on.

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I first heard this song at a party at my lab's postdoc's house, 10 or so at night, a couple of beers in, with my coworker friends all squeezed together on the poorly insulated enclosed porch, the host's baby son being passed from friend to friend, dogs winding around between our feet, while a few coworkers passed around a guitar. One of them sang this song and it fit perfectly: warmth and longing-for-warmth and love and the South all mixed up together.

You should listen to this song twice. The first time you should curl up with someone you love and listen with your eyes closed. Like so:

The second time, you should watch the music video (which unfortunately cuts out the last few seconds), for the old timey feel and the hot tattooed women in their underwear. :D

Just promise you'll listen and love the song without the nearly-naked ladies first. :-P


Mamma Mia!

Feb. 2nd, 2010 02:32 pm
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Ever since watching the movie with my aunt, various of the songs have been bouncing around my brain, to come out at unexpected times.
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This is not an uplifting song. It reminds me of my life when I'm depressed but pretending I'm not, when I keep telling myself "if I just do more, do better, my life will get better." But it's fierce and brave and in 3/4 time with a little bit of a Celtic vibe going, and I love it to pieces.

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I have no idea what this song actually is, because I don't know enough of the lyrics to figure out whether it's really another version of that Coldplay song, but it involves feet not touching the ground, and what sounds like a hammered dulcimer rather than the usual guitar that I would expect.

But it's in my head. Over and over and over again, just enough to make me feel like getting hammered. (Okay, that was a really obvious pun.)

I like playing guess-the-instrument based on audio only, but I'd really like to know when I'm right, you know?

In honor of unusual instruments to hear in pop/rock, and correct guesses I've made in the past, I leave you with some R.E.M.:

Prior to my discovery of this song, the concept "rocking out to the mandolin solo" had never entered my mind as an option.
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I'm not so sure about the video, but KFOG has been playing "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked", by Cage the Elephant, fairly often, and it's a song I can bellow along to quite happily.

Bonus that they've been playing lately: "Invisible Sun", the original Police version rather than the Sting version that wound up on the Fight the Future soundtrack:
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I heard a song, driving home from grocery shopping last night, that reminded me in the bass line of both "the stompy boots song" (Queens of the Stone Age, "No One Knows") and "that cowboy song" (George Thorogood, "Who Do You Love"). I had to wait for it to get stuck in my head to figure out enough about it to look it up -- I knew it was Death Cab for Cutie, and I knew it was about Vegas, but since Vegas isn't mentioned by name ("The Eiffel tower built to smaller scale", tell me that's not Vegas) I had to wait for "empty were the" in order to find it.

Fun fact: the video here is a fanvid that the band blessed (and then the label hired the director).

Coldplay, "Little Bribes"

Death Cab for Cutie - Little Bribes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.