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Look, your shadow days have been inside my head since Friday, so they had better fucking be over pretty darn soon.

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Madness. There is Madness in my head. This wouldn't be so out of the ordinary, as I'm a Lunatic, but this is Muse's "Madness", and unfortunately, as much as I like the sound of the song, the lyrics "maybe you're too headstrong" leave me very, very yelly.
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Hello! *waves*

New here on Dreamwidth. :) got earmworm'd by these two songs:

Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police..


Africa by Toto


Da Vinci's Notebook was a comedy a capella group, best known for "Title of the Song".

This is "Seaside Lament", and the official lyrics omit the hilarious backup singer asides. (Paul and Storm were two of Da Vinci's Notebook, and went on to have a career together.)

Baby always wanted to spend the day at the beach (doo ron ron ron, doo ron ron ron)
But I’d be just as happy if the seaside were well out of reach (doo ron ron ron)
Sure, I like the sun and the little beach town
And I’m a good enough swimmer that I’ll never drown
And I always come back with a tan but wearin’ a frown (what a frown)

But I don’t like sand (it's gritty, it's litter for kitty, I just can't escape it, I don't wanna shape it)
But worst of all it gets down my pants
B-b-but I don't like sand (up in the shower, I scrub for an hour)
down my pants

My baby complained that we never went to the shore (doo ron ron ron, doo ron ron ron)
She finally convinced me to go, but I won’t anymore (doo ron ron ron)
I stayed in the car and watched a portable T.V.
My baby got mad and ran on down to the sea
She came back with a bucket and a shovel and she came after me (yeah me)

And she put sand ([indistinguishable] the surf[something] to pester my swimsuit, a million pit vipers in my ocean diapers)
(My baby she put sand) down my pants
My baby put sand ([something] where my pants are a portable sand bar)
Sand down my pants

Ooh, it’s gritty in Surf City
I just can’t shake it until I’m naked
You know it makes my Speedos crunch like Doritos
I got shifting dunes in my Fruit of the Looms

My baby put sand (up in the shower, I scrub for an hour)
Sand down my—

Little Surfer Girl went and found someone new
The lesson is learned; don’t let it happen to you
But when I get lonely for her, there’s something I do (it's true)

I just put sand ([something] to kiss her, whenever I miss her, the sand is my friend now, [something] the end now)
Sand down my pants ([something] big handfuls, [something] granules)
Sand down my pants

... Now, imagine what happens when this song and "Poker Face" start humping, which was what happened yesterday.


It so happened that someone mentioned the word "bang" in #dreamwidth-support, and [personal profile] dreamatdrew and I both instantly got earwormed.

Now, my earworm is a classic, and is very well suited for me to then blame other people for my getting earwormed.

R.E.M. - Bang and Blame

Lyrics )

I have been seriously into R.E.M. ever since [ profile] pyrogenic introduced me to their music, so this is not a surprise.

Now, the song that Drew was earwormed with ...

Ricky Martin - She Bangs

The comments there are really not worth reading, unless you like executive summary ) With a few people decrying the prudishness of modern music on modern broadcast radio.

Lyrics )

So I listened to it, and then watched the whole thing because I was too busy giggling about the octopus-merman (TENTACLES!!) and in short, I've been earwormed with this for about the past week due to excessive rewatching. As one does.
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Done of my own accord

I was /roll-ing over some people on my AIM buddy list, and of course, what comes to mind but Katamari on the Rocks

I've ordered in a shipment of the relevant equipment...

So the excellent [personal profile] erika popped into #dreamwidth, and between one thing and another, she mentioned The Wet Spots: "Do You Take It?", which was a staple of my internet-based hilarity some years ago. Naturally it popped straight into my head.

Both video and lyrics are less suggestive and more blatantly lewd.

stuck where?

thanks to [personal profile] synecdochic I have Moxy Fruvous: stuck in the 90s stuck in my HEAD.

I wish I was ... Wait.

I have been massively earwormed all evening with the Bloodhound Gang's "I wish I was queer so I could get chicks". (It's also about the effects of homophobic bullying, besides a straight teenage guy who wants to get laid.)


I just now figured it out.

It is pea season. There is a fry-up I do with potato, cheese, peas ... and sausage. So I bought some sausage.

Jimmy Dean.

Steady as -- aiii, cliff!

I wound up with the chorus of a song I hadn't heard in quite a while in my head, with no idea what it actually was. I found it in short order, happily, and therefore have this fairly surreal treat of a vid to share.

The Raconteurs "Steady, As She Goes"

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Apparently when [personal profile] tiferet and I road trip together, we will wind up singing bits and pieces of "Still Alive" the whole way. One of us will start, and that will set the other one off, and we will keep on doing this until one of us turns on some other music.


"Crossfire", Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers, of course, is that dude from The Killers, in case you recognized his voice but not why you recognized it.

This song has been in my head off and on since I first heard it, and has quietly but firmly attached itself to The Demon Mirror, due to the Heaven vs. Hell theme that they've both got going on. (Uh, perhaps that won't make sense to anyone outside my head -- it's one of the books I'm writing.)

Lyrics )

Fly, fools, fly!

Despite not having heard the song for goodness knows how long, this song gets stuck in my head regularly, often in the shower.

Lords of the Rhymes: Black Riders

Lyrics are a bit cussy. )

"Birds of Prey" from Batman: The Brave and The Bold

So someone showed this off, with extensive commentary, giggling, and WTFery about the amount of innuendo packed into such a sweet little song. And naturally I played it several times, because oh my. AND THEN IT STARTED PLAYING ON ITS OWN IN MY HEAD. OF COURSE.

Transcription & lyrics:

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And for those who missed all the innuendo:
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Ye Gods

The only version I've ever heard has been when my sister sang it. THAT'S the one rattling around in my head. Since I want to torture you all, I present to you: Bananas in Pajamas!
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size of the entire universe man!

Thanks to a tweet by [personal profile] azurelunatic ("RT @tmbg: JF: Speaking of drugs and the Bierberized of everything--"Istanbul" slowed down 800%. For the DRANK! Best around 9 min."), I was earwormed with "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" by They Might Be Giants. Here is the one I remember from being a kid, done by Tiny Toons Adventures:

Of course, this lead to reminiscing about another TMBG song of my childhood, namely, this Dragon Ball Z AMV set to "Particle Man":

A tool! -- found via Lifehacker, for replacing one earworm with another one.

At least it's not Bananaphone?

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Lady Gaga: Telephone (music video as performed by a bunch of soldiers)

...and now of course "Telephone" and "Bananaphone" are fighting it out in my head. NEVER A DULL MOMENT.

But there's plenty of air!

As it so often happens, a little bit of a song gets stuck in the bottom of my head and I can't get it out, and the whole thing doesn't want to show up, and I have to first realize that it's in my head and it's a song (it's harder to pick that up out of the general clangour in my head than one might think) and then follow it to some lyrics that are recognizable. In this case, my head was singing, "I wish I could breathe." Fortunately, I recognized the deep and soulful voice of the lost-in-time-and-frequently-misspelled [ profile] robert_from_ap.

Abney Park: "Breathe"

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