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As it so often happens, a little bit of a song gets stuck in the bottom of my head and I can't get it out, and the whole thing doesn't want to show up, and I have to first realize that it's in my head and it's a song (it's harder to pick that up out of the general clangour in my head than one might think) and then follow it to some lyrics that are recognizable. In this case, my head was singing, "I wish I could breathe." Fortunately, I recognized the deep and soulful voice of the lost-in-time-and-frequently-misspelled [ profile] robert_from_ap.

Abney Park: "Breathe"

I wish I could breathe, I wish I could stand.
I wish I had a chance here holding your hand.
Wish I could speak, I wish could talk
I wish I could breathe

Since the first day I was alive,
I feared we would meet here in the misty outside
I wanted to run, I wanted to hide
I wish I could breathe

OoOOooo oooOOoo (repeat)

I fear I can't overcome this place
I know your face, your hands
I wish I could breathe.

I feel a chill deep in my bones,
Nothing can heal the way my blood moans.
Nothing can quench my bitter thirst
I wish I could breathe.

I grasp at my heart that burns in my chest,
It's your precious art that makes my soul stressed.
I run short of blood, light-headed I swoon.
I wish I could breathe.


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